Yee Haaa

This week I am skipping throw back Thursday and posting what I am currently working on. It is a cowgirl on a horse, lassoing a name of a little girl as requested by her mom.
    This is my messy pallet (how does she find any color?!) And work area. The rag is where I wipe the access water and paint off my brushes. You can see the sketch under my painting, it helps me paint the cowgirls face the way it was in the sketch to have to sketch close. My husband has  gently been pointing out to me the lack of teeth in my characters, and so this lucky cowgirl got some teeth! (Yippy!) Its been a fun painting since it’s completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t know that I’ve ever drawn a horse. I think this fella looks pretty good. I looked at a lot of old cowboy photos and horse drawings by Disney as reference. (I love Disney, and Jan Brett, I look at her stuff all the time as reference).
   So this is what I’m up to, its more fun than a throwback!



Peaurkey Sketch Saturday

Thanksgiving is coming. This is our first year hosting and it must have seeped into my subconscious. Last night I had a dream there was a turkey in our chicken coop. He was trying to get the chickens to escape! Naughty turkey. But he wasn’t just a turkey, he was a special magical turkey with peacock feathers mixed into his regular feathers. He could also run especially fast and made it nearly impossible for me to catch the chickens.
    Although I despised this terrible turkey/peacock in my dream, I also recognized he was beautiful! And so I awoke to draw him. This is my Peaurkey! 



Flowers, Birds, & Rainbows! Throw Back Thursday

IMG_20141113_090044I think if you showed this sweet drawing(first grade) to any of my friends or family they would tell you it’s “SO Liz.”   As anyone can see this early illustration shows two birds singing happily & dancing through a garden under a rainbow. There is really nothing better. I enjoy that the flowers are not all the same, the red & yellow are tulips, the blue and purple are irises, they yellow is your stereotypical kid flower, which I think can be any number of flowers.

I love flowers and gardening.  I have planted my tulips & crocus’s for the spring and put away my dahlia’s for the winter. I’m very excited to see the peony tree my friend gave me, bloom in a year or two.   I’m fortunate my husband likes gardening too because he built me two raised beds to grow vegetables during the spring, summer, and fall. Right now we have lettuce, spinach, and we were trying to grow broccoli but some pest is ruining it. The egg shells I sprinkle on the broccoli leaves have not worked to keep this critter away.

Anyway, this is the kind of imagery I like to have dance around in my head, beautiful flowers on a beautiful day while birds sing happily under a rainbow that has two purple stripes and a pink. What a pleasant thought.

Sketchy Saturday

marylamb sketchThis is the original sketch I drew for  my “Mary Had a little Lamb” painting. I was inspired by the poem “Mary had a little Lamb” and thought it would be a fun illustration to show Mary playing with her friend, the lamb, in the snow. The depiction of Mary in my poem is not that of the poems inspiration, Mary Sawyer.  I like to diversify my illustrations and this poem seemed the perfect opportunity because it is so old and well known, a fresh take on it is welcome.

The poem was originally written about a young girl named Mary Sawyer. Ms. Sawyer  actually did have a pet lamb and bring him to school one day. This was of course a disturbance. I can’t imagine my step son bringing one of our chickens to school, his teacher would not be pleased. And so Mary Sawyer and her lamb were the inspiration for this now classic poem.

Ps: the jacket in this illustration was inspired by a jacket I wore at the age of five. The heart of the chest would change color when it got wet in the snow. What a wonderful coat.

First throw back Thrusday, Pumpkin Butterfly Painting


This beautiful painting was created by yours truly circa 1991. You can tell because my mom was still writing my name on all of my artwork.  See how even as a young child I had excellent use of color? The orange and green around the top really make this smooshy butterfly painting  feel like a pumpkin. I’m sure at the age of 5 or 6 this was not intentional. ( it’s just instinctual.) 🙂 Beautiful things can happen when you experiment with paint.