Sketchy Saturday

marylamb sketchThis is the original sketch I drew for  my “Mary Had a little Lamb” painting. I was inspired by the poem “Mary had a little Lamb” and thought it would be a fun illustration to show Mary playing with her friend, the lamb, in the snow. The depiction of Mary in my poem is not that of the poems inspiration, Mary Sawyer.  I like to diversify my illustrations and this poem seemed the perfect opportunity because it is so old and well known, a fresh take on it is welcome.

The poem was originally written about a young girl named Mary Sawyer. Ms. Sawyer  actually did have a pet lamb and bring him to school one day. This was of course a disturbance. I can’t imagine my step son bringing one of our chickens to school, his teacher would not be pleased. And so Mary Sawyer and her lamb were the inspiration for this now classic poem.

Ps: the jacket in this illustration was inspired by a jacket I wore at the age of five. The heart of the chest would change color when it got wet in the snow. What a wonderful coat.

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