Yee Haaa

This week I am skipping throw back Thursday and posting what I am currently working on. It is a cowgirl on a horse, lassoing a name of a little girl as requested by her mom.
    This is my messy pallet (how does she find any color?!) And work area. The rag is where I wipe the access water and paint off my brushes. You can see the sketch under my painting, it helps me paint the cowgirls face the way it was in the sketch to have to sketch close. My husband has  gently been pointing out to me the lack of teeth in my characters, and so this lucky cowgirl got some teeth! (Yippy!) Its been a fun painting since it’s completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t know that I’ve ever drawn a horse. I think this fella looks pretty good. I looked at a lot of old cowboy photos and horse drawings by Disney as reference. (I love Disney, and Jan Brett, I look at her stuff all the time as reference).
   So this is what I’m up to, its more fun than a throwback!



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