Princess in the works


Friends of mine recently asked me to paint a princess for their God Daughter, a request I was happy to fulfill since I love my friends, and Princesses.
    I’ve decided to paint the princess and the back ground separately. This is the princess so far.  As you can see she’s very typically pretty. I looked at Jan Brett’s “Beauty and the Beast” , Scott Gustafson’s “Classic Fairy Tales :Cinderella “, and google search: Disney princess hands for reference of painting the face and hands.  For the dress I referenced bridal gowns, specifically Vera Wang. (Who doesn’t love Vera?!)  I thought about going a little crazy and referencing Pucci (my favorite designer)  for a dress pattern, but decided it was in my best interest to just go classic princess. So this gown is a combination of several dresses I thought were most ” princess”
      The back ground will be a large castle ballroom, complete with large stained glass windows. I’m very excited about the windows since I get to use my background in stained glass to create them. I’m so excited to get to select the paint glass colors, like 1404 or 979. Those in the glass world know these are beautiful, rich blues. I will use my memory of these colors to fill in the boarder glass, something very typically seen in stained glass.
    Under my painting is some reference material, Scott Gustafson’s Class Fairy tales. To the right is my palette.


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