Throw Back Thursday Inspiration


I painted these three whimsical exercises several years ago and I love them. One of my professors at UArts, Tim O’Brien, told us to just draw something everyday, it doesn’t matter what. So I made these.
        I was looking at a lot of fashion designers for a remake of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” (something I’d still like to pursue) and my best friend Lauren Andrea, a fashion something major at the time, suggested I look at Pucci. I fell in love. (She knows me so well)
    Look at my “Elves and the shoe maker” painting in the “children’s book” section of my site, you can see his design influence in the curtains and the shoes. After painting these three small exersises, I went for this loose feel in the water of my original Bug Story illustrations. (See children’s book illustrations again) I think these designs look effortless but in reality require a lot of thought.  My favorite is the blue painting on the bottom, that was my first and I believe my best. I try and incorporate this fun, loose, colorful quality whenever possible in my illustrations.

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