Mary had a little lamb, 8 years later


Recently I got inspired to continue illustrating the poem “Mary had a little Lamb”. This inspiration came mainly from my original M.H.A.L.L illustration I did several years ago(right). It’s a simple image to go along with a simple poem.  I’ve always liked this illustration and my Mary character. It’s a different take on the poem, making it whimsy and fun.  Plus Mary’s hair is very fun for me to paint.
    The illustration I am currently working on is Mary taking her lamb to school, via sled. I’ve decided they live somewhere snowy and so all images will be in a snow setting.  I may have to revise my original Mary since I think my new Mary’s face is painted a little better. (I gave her teeth, thanks Tom). I’m excited to finish this illustration, post it to my site, and get to work on the next image.

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