Very technical


Splatter painting! If you look closely one can see the white specs near the edges of the paper, these specs were made using a technique know as splatter painting. Something I’m sure everyone learns early on in their artistic career sometime around kindergarten.
   The rest of my painting is complete, Mary is painted with her lamb on their sled. I’ve painted the shadows of the snow and so the only step left is to block out the parts of the image I consider ‘done’ and splatter paint the highlights in the snow.
     To splatter paint I use an old, beat up, flat head brush and the tail end of another brush (as a stick).  I mix some very watery white paint, dip my flathead brush into the white paint and use the tail end of the other brush to flick the paint onto the painting. Although this technique is easy, messy, and fun, I got the idea of using another object to flick the paint from one of my dear friends and stained glass painting instructors, Elaine S.  Before she showed me this technique I simply used my finger to flick the paint from the brush. I must admit her way works much better. I think most of the paint was getting stuck on my finger, using a stick allows the paint to fly off the brush easier. Its one of those simple things you don’t learn in school, you learn it from friends and experience. Thanks Elaine!

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