How did this happen?

I started painting the girl on the left and it felt off. I kept trying to fix her and fix her, changed the hair color, her eye size, mouth, nothing seemed to help. I just kept reworking her and reworking her. After hours spent trying to fix her I fnally decided the only thing to do was start over. Within a half hour my new Paprika looked like the sketch and I was thrilled. Just so strange that the first (left) came out looking so old and Caucasian. 

Painting buddy


I decided to paint an African American Mermaid for my etsy site. I sketched her out while my ten month old slept but have been too tired at night to paint. So yesterday I decided to paint with her awake.  She will explore my studio space, pick up toy trains and cars that were her brothers, chase our kitty, and then wants to be held. So here we are painting together. She seemed to be please with my mermaid as am I.