Thumb to final

Here are a thumbnail and an almost complete sketch pictured together. The sketch didn’t take too long but I did redraw the boys face about 10 times. I had to redraw the man’s face three times. I redrew the boys face several times because I just couldn’t get it to look like the others of this character in other sketches. You can see his face is drawn on tracing paper, I had to redraw it so many times I could no longer see the paper clearly. 

     The man’s I redrew because for some reason I kept drawing his face too big. It helps to have artist friends. One said of the first head, “is the son a Capuchin monkey?” That’s how small the boy was in camparisin to this head. I redrew and redrew until I was finally happy, and so were my friends. We laughed about how big the first head was. 

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