Thumb to final

Here are a thumbnail and an almost complete sketch pictured together. The sketch didn’t take too long but I did redraw the boys face about 10 times. I had to redraw the man’s face three times. I redrew the boys face several times because I just couldn’t get it to look like the others of this character in other sketches. You can see his face is drawn on tracing paper, I had to redraw it so many times I could no longer see the paper clearly. 

     The man’s I redrew because for some reason I kept drawing his face too big. It helps to have artist friends. One said of the first head, “is the son a Capuchin monkey?” That’s how small the boy was in camparisin to this head. I redrew and redrew until I was finally happy, and so were my friends. We laughed about how big the first head was. 

How did this happen?

I started painting the girl on the left and it felt off. I kept trying to fix her and fix her, changed the hair color, her eye size, mouth, nothing seemed to help. I just kept reworking her and reworking her. After hours spent trying to fix her I fnally decided the only thing to do was start over. Within a half hour my new Paprika looked like the sketch and I was thrilled. Just so strange that the first (left) came out looking so old and Caucasian. 

Painting buddy


I decided to paint an African American Mermaid for my etsy site. I sketched her out while my ten month old slept but have been too tired at night to paint. So yesterday I decided to paint with her awake.  She will explore my studio space, pick up toy trains and cars that were her brothers, chase our kitty, and then wants to be held. So here we are painting together. She seemed to be please with my mermaid as am I.

Working late


My 9 month old will not go to sleep. After over an hour of trying to get her down, she is still crying. Luckily and thankfully, I have my wonderful and amazing husband to take over so I can try and get some work done. I’ve hit a wall with my thumb nails for my book project. How does this boy wake his parents up? How will he eat breakfast? How does he go to nursery school.  These are the things I’m trying to work out as my husband goes to rock our little one to sleep once more.  I hope I can figure these things out and I hope he can get her to sleep.

This is how I work now


       This is how I work now, if I get work done at all. Breastfeed baby until she falls asleep in my lap, then bring out the sketch pad and start drawing.  It’s an adjustment from my artsy cove setup, with all my inspiration hanging above me, surrounded by classic children’s books, but at least I’m drawing again.
              I’ve had this book idea for several years. This is the beginning of the third sketch. I’d like to complete the dummy within a few months and shop it out to different publishers.
    Best get back to drawing before my little darling wakes up and then we have to make dinner.

New work…finally


I’m finally…finally drawing again. (Babies require a lot of attention it turns out. 🙂 ) this new work is for my own independent book project.

Family for baby


This piece is almost done! For my soon to be born daughter, it features our family along with some woodland creature friends. I’ve had to take a few breaks because of carpel tunnel, but it will be done before she’s born. There is a mistake line on the Womens leg. I was holding the painting on my belly and the baby kicked, causing my paint brush to stray from the line. I left it. 🙂

Mommy and me


The one thing that isn’t great about being an illustrator is seeing something and thinking “oh I like that! But I could make it myself, save the money, and it would be cuter.”
       So what started as a simple woodland creature alphabet painting for my baby girl due in October, has turned into a personalized alphabet painting. This is just the beginning. Surrounding mom(me) and toddler will be our chickens (we have two, Snuggles and Bear), our cats (Peanut and Biscuit), and a whole mess of woodland creatures with their babies as well. And probably a peacock, peahen and their babies, simply because I love peacocks.


My thumbnail sideways. Hopefully it will be cute and baby will love it.